Range Information

Range Membership and Parking info

Membership Info

8 lanes 25 yards; anything rifle pistol or shotgun up too 3600 FPS.. no hand loaded ammo, green tip, tracer, incendiary, or steel core.. and slugs only for shotguns. Steel casing is fine, just not steel core.

There is two tiers of memberships:
Gold Tier

$500 individual and you can add one person for $300 so $800 for 2
$1500 for family of 4 you can add 2 people for $250 each so $2000 for 6
$2250 for corporate of 8 you can add 12 people for $150 each so $4050 for 20

Gold Tier
$50 individual
$75 for 2
$135 for family 4

Free FFL transfers
Access and discounts in cigar lounge
Discounts on some merchandise inside gunstore and with gunsmith
Discounts on classes offered at range
Up to 5 free guest passes a year
No lanes fees or reservation fees

Silver Tier
$250 a year no benefits included and a $10 lane fee

Public Option
$25 for 1 hour
$15 for every additional shooter


Please call 903-705-7026 if you have any further questions, or to be placed on the wait list for the range. 


Parking Info

Our general use parking lot We use this parking lot for classes and general range overflow parking

Range Rentals

Handguns $25 Rifles $40 Full Auto $70 With first mag Free.

Meet the Instructors

James Dufner I was born in Oceanside, California, we moved 3 months after I was born back here to East Texas. I’ve spent most of my childhood in Hughes Springs, Texas. In 2010 I graduated high school and shortly after graduating I started my career in the United States Army. I learned a lot while I was in the infantry and picked up what my senior leadership was teaching me quickly. That allowed me to grow in the ranks and provided me with the opportunity to teach and train my own guys. We had a deployment to Afghanistan and our mission was to win the hearts and minds of the locals and train the Afghanistan Army how to fight. Shortly after coming back to the States my battalion was tasked to go to Fort Knox, Kentucky, and train new incoming cadets. They were taught how to shoot, battlefield tactics, medical treatment, as well as confidence courses. I really enjoyed seeing the light bulb turn on in people's faces when everything we were teaching started to click for them. That is when I knew I wanted to coach people, teach them something, and help them grow their skills. In 2018, I married my beautiful wife Brianna Dufner, and we moved around some until we found the right place to establish ourselves. We had our first child, a little girl, Katie Dufner 2020. Once we got to the Tyler area, I found out Vault Arms was hiring, and I jumped on the opportunity. Vault Arms was still in the process of getting everything built so I had some time to focus on extra training to further my knowledge. I am very thankful to the USCCA for helping me become a certified firearms instructor, Range Safety officer, medical first aid, and Women’s firearms instructor. I’m currently working on getting my LTC instructor certification as well as a few others so we can provide a wide range of classes here at Vault Arms. We also offer 1x1 training as well if you prefer individualized training versus classroom learning. I look forward to meeting you helping you learn how to use firearms safely. Esteban Medina I was born and raised here in Tyler, Texas. Shortly after graduating High School, I enlisted into the Marine Corp, where there I became an infantry rifleman. After completing boot camp, I spent 2 months at SOI, where there my instructors taught me the basics of how to do my job the correct way. Once I was finished with that, I arrived at my unit which was 1st battalion 4th Marines, and there my senior leadership showed me the more in-depth tactics of what it takes to be in the Marine Corp Infantry. Being a Junior Marine was an eye opener because of how much a situation can change in a split of a second, things like being in a formation in a squad column, to a squad column-fire team wedge. Then came the training of how to shoot properly from far ranges, how to communicate without saying a word, how to properly render trauma care. After my first deployment, all my senior leadership that had taught me everything I knew from the beginning had left. So now it was my turn to step up to the plate. All the knowledge that was imparted to me, I now had to teach. Those exact same tactics or even updated tactics to my junior Marines and, if I could, do it in a better way. I’m the type of person to set high expectations for myself, so I set those same expectations for my Marines. When time came for people to go to their advance schooling, the slots for AIC (Advanced Infantry Course) were full, so they sent me to CMC (Combat Marksmanship Course) where there they teach you how to instruct other Marines how to shoot and how to find deficiencies in shooters in both rifle and pistol. From the day I completed my CMC course until the day I EAS’d, I had coached over 300 Marines for them to earn their expert badge in the rifle qualification and over 100 Marines in their pistol qualification. Finally, I arrived here at the Vault Arms Indoor Gun Range where I was hired, and a month later was sent to become a firearms Instructor, and a Range Safety Officer.